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WSET - Vzdělávací centrum MKM s.r.o.
WSET approved programme provider

WSET - Wine&Spirit Education Trust

WSET (Wine & Spirits Educational Trust), founded in 1969 in London, provides certified education in wine, sake and spirits. Certificates from these courses are internationally recognized and are seen by experts and amateur enthusiasts alike as a high-quality proof of knowledge in the given field.


In 2017, for the first time, we were authorized to hold these courses in the Czech Republic, and currently you can study with us both WSET Award in Wines Level 1-3, WSET Award in Wines Level 1-2 (online), WSET Award in Spirits 1-2 ( online) and WSET Award in Sake 1 (online). The courses are intended for experienced professionals, but also for amateur enthusiasts and beginners who are just starting to build their careers in these areas.

Come and expand your knowledge under the guidance of experienced lecturers and meet other enthusiasts and lovers of wine, sake and spirits!

The WSET Award in Wines Level 1-3  courses are taught by top wine experts - Frank Smulders MW and Michal Šetka.

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